The French Cob Loaf

Discover an Aussie Classic's with a French Touch. Melted cheese lovers, our creations are made for you. Taste our delicious melted french cheese in a sourdough.

Take it cheesy

For Melted Cheese lover: Discover the creamiest cheeses on a stick with homemade bread crumb lightly fried. To share or not!

French Kiss creperie

Crepes comes from the beautiful Britanny region in France. The most classic recipe called the 'La Complete' includes Emmental/Gruyere, ham and egg. Also on the menu, the galette with raclette cheese - a must try!

Hot Dog Savoyard

If you have good appetite, try out these gourmet cheesy hot dogs. Savoy refers to the French Alps region which are masters in cheese savoir-faire.

Raclette melted cheese

Frencheese is serving raclette cheese, one of the most popular dish in France.

Orleans Moules Frites

French Coquille St Jacques with Gruyère as our French Pasteurised Cow's milk Cheese. The same with our Moules-Frites & Americains baguette, they will be also be loaded with creamy gruyère and or raclette cheese

Simon Johnson

Simon Johnson has provided chefs, restaurateurs and home cooks with quality, unique products since 1992. To shop where the chefs shop, come into a store today.

Mister Toast

Croque Monsieur (Smoked Ham, Dijon, Bechamel & Compté cheese) Monsieur Camembert (Camembert, Mushroom, Onion Jam) This offers both a meat and vegetarian, using Sonoma Artisan Sourdough bread with real butter.

Delight treats

Our designed Cocoa Cow Cheese Plate will come with rich dark chocolate and nuts, also serving with fresh fruits (season fruits of strawberries, figs, grapes coated and half-coated with dark chocolate and nut on top), olives, dry cranberries and black sesame biscuit and more.